Interactive point maps

Here is an example point map showing example water points in the Morogoro Municipality District of Tanzania. 
(The data displayed below is for illustrative purposes only)

What can it do? 

The map is interactive which means that you can do things like:
  • Zoom in and out
  • Hold down the button on your mouse to grab it and move it about
  • Change the view between map and satellite imagery
  • Click on a water point for more details about it's functionality, management, cost of water etc  
Have a play...

How does it work? 

This data is generated dynamically, which means that as you change the data in the source file (in this case created by Google Fusion Tables) the details appearing on the map will also change. This means that if you add a new water point to your data it will automatically appear on the map above or if you change a water point's status from Functional to Non functional that detail would change in the points pop up balloon. 

Can you make the points change colour? 

It is possible to change the colour of the markers and to make them dependent on a field within the data. For example all working water points could be green and all non working water points could be red. This is currently easy to do but does require someone to change the colours manually before uploading onto the site. Within the next couple of months it will be possible to fully automate this process.